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Bear Care For Men

Casablanca Beard Oil

Casablanca Beard Oil

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Blissful. Luminous. A Slice of Heaven. A scented breeze of jasmine and saffron, mixed with woody tones of a freshly cut cedar wood, this heavenly fragrance is like having romance in a bottle on your beard. A perfect scent for day & night, leaving you feeling great and confidence.

The Casablanca Beard Oil is a natural, moisturizing beard oil, that helps promote beard growth, while assisting to moistures facial hairs while helping prevent beard itch and dandruff.



Carrier Base: Sweet Almond Oil
Natural Oils:
Top Notes: Saffron and Jasmine
Middle Notes: Amberwood and Ambergris
Base Notes: Fir Resin and Cedar
Made in Australia.



Do a small skin test before using fully, incase of potential skin irritation

Directions, Tips & Tricks

Directions To Use

1. Place 4 to 6 Drops of Oil into the Your Palm

2. Rub Upward into Beard & Distribute Evenly Throughout

3. Add More Drops as Required depending on your beard length

4. Comb to Style as required

Tips & Tricks for best results

- Wash then Towel dry beard before applying

- Warm gently by slowly rubbing it in the palm of your hands

- Apply onto beard from root to tip including the moustache

- Comb or brush in

- Pat the area to hydrate the skin underneath too

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